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Apricus Journal

Franz PETTO: A Journey Through Art and Legacy

Franz PETTO, born in Vienna in 1958, is an artist whose work is deeply interwoven with the fabric of his family's tumultuous history and his professional background as an engineer in the printing i...

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Geoffrey Stein: A Legal Mind Turned Full-Time Painter

Geoffrey Stein, a former lawyer turned distinguished painter, has made a significant impact in the art world with his dedicated pursuit of the craft since 2000. His unique journey from the courtroo...

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Grettel Lemus: Exploring the Universe Within Through Art

Grettel Lemus, a visionary artist originally from Tegucigalpa, Honduras, now residing in Northern California, crafts art that probes the depths of human experience and our cosmic interconnectedness...

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Helena Wierzbicki: A Vibrant Force in Argentine Art

Helena Wierzbicki, a distinguished artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina, has made a profound impact in the art world with her vibrant artworks and dynamic exhibitions. Trained under the tutelage of ...

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Holly Bennett: Sculpting the Sublime

Holly Bennett, a distinguished sculptor based in Somerset, UK, brings a profound depth of skill and intellectual rigor to the field of sculpture. Her academic and professional journey through some ...

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Ian Carpenter: A Global Tapestry of Color and Memory

Ian Carpenter, a Brooklyn-based artist with roots in Thailand, presents a vivid and eclectic tapestry in his artworks, deeply influenced by his culturally rich upbringing and travels around the wor...

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Indranil Banerjee: A Journey of Self-Realization Through Canvas

Indranil Banerjee, an artist who sees the canvas not just as a medium but as a companion, explores the depths of his emotions and thoughts through his vivid artistry. For Banerjee, painting is a pe...

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Irfan Ajvazi: Exploring the Essence of Presence Through Minimalist Art

Irfan Ajvazi, a versatile and profoundly introspective artist based in Europe, delves into the complexities of human emotions through his minimalist and intimate artworks. As a painter, sculptor, d...

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The Luminous Artistry of J. P. McLaughlin: A Dance of Light and Life

P. McLaughlin, a post-war & contemporary painter from Glasgow, Scotland, brings a unique vibrancy and depth to the art world with his exquisite manipulation of light and color. Born in the hist...

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Jan Bollaert: A Journey from Graphic Design to Vivid Oils

Jan Bollaert, born in 1958 in Antwerp, Belgium, embodies the spirit of an artist who has continuously evolved and refined his craft over the decades. From his early days as a young drawer to his cu...

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Janet Waring Rago: An Artistic Journey in a Transformed Chapel

Janet Waring Rago, a UK-based artist, has carved a unique space for herself and her art in a former chapel that she shares with her husband and fellow artist, Alexis Rago. The chapel, a listed buil...

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Janis Titans: A Multifaceted Artist Inspired by the Latvian Landscape

Janis Titans, born into an artist family in 1968, has carved a distinguished path in the world of art, drawing from his rich Latvian heritage and diverse artistic training. His journey through vari...

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