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Connect with a global community

Leveraging our global network and deep market knowledge, Apricus connects you and your work to a wider audience more effectively.

Online Marketplace Features

Gain access to our exclusive online marketplace where your art can be showcased to a global audience. Customers can purchase directly from you with no commissions taken by Apricus, allowing you to keep all the proceeds from your sales.

Digital Advertising (Google, Meta, Newsletter)

Benefit from targeted digital advertising campaigns across Google and Meta platforms, as well as individual features in our monthly newsletter, ensuring your art reaches a wide and relevant audience.

Podcast Feature

Be a guest on our popular podcast ‘Apricus Weekly,’ where we highlight your artistic journey, creative process, and current projects, giving listeners an in-depth look at your work and personality.

Custom Creatives

Receive custom creative materials, tailored to promote your artwork effectively across various platforms for you to promote wherever you desire.


Get featured in our blog, where we write dedicated articles about your art, exhibitions, and inspirations, enhancing your visibility and connecting you with art enthusiasts.


Enjoy the freedom to list an unlimited number of artworks on our platform, ensuring that all your creations have the opportunity to be seen and purchased by collectors.