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Artist Spotlight

The Infinite Art of Brigitte Puschmann

Join us in this enlightening episode as we delve into the diverse artistic world of Brigitte Puschmann. Known for her captivating "Infinity" series, Brigitte's artistry extends far beyond, encompassing a broad spectrum of abstract and wall art that explores geometry, color harmonies, and sustainable art practices. I


Deconstructing Depth: Gregory Malphurs and the Art of Introspection

Dive into the compelling world of Gregory Malphurs in this episode, where we explore the profound layers of his artistic journey. Born and raised in the art-filled environment of his grandfather's studio in Miami, Gregory has been immersed in the world of art from an early age. Having spent a significant part of his career


June McCall's Canvas Conversations

Tune into this episode as we explore the intimate world of June Kat McCall, a talented painter whose work is deeply influenced by her background in portrait photography. Educated at Bennington College, June has refined a unique approach to capturing the essence of her subjects—friends and loved ones—set against the familiar bac



Brittney Fucheck: Art as a Medium for Healing and Expression

Brittney Fucheck, a Florida-based multimedia artist, delves deeply into themes of mortality and healing, inspired by personal history and her professional involvement with cancer patients. With a M...

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Bryan Trainor: A Journey of Self-Discovery Through Oil Painting

Bryan Trainor, an emerging self-taught oil painter based in Austin, TX, epitomizes the transformative power of art as a medium for personal growth and expression. Just two years into his painting c...

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Camila Storck: A Journey from Aviation to Artistry

Camila Storck, a Brazilian-born artist now residing in Germany, has transformed her life and career in a pursuit of passion that intertwines family, art, and education. With a background that spans...

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