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Artist Spotlight

Taya De La Cruz on Art, Innovation, and Tansformation

Join us in this enlightening episode of our podcast as we sit down with the innovative and introspective Taya De La Cruz, an artist whose unique approach challenges the modern hustle culture by emphasizing mindfulness and presence through her art. Born to a diverse cultural heritage and raised in the tranquil settings of southe …


Updates with Henry and Jake

In this special episode of our podcast, join hosts Henry and Jake as they dive into the latest updates on their thriving art collection. From recent happenings to insights into the evolving themes and styles that are shaping their collection, this episode offers a behind-the-scenes look at the world of art collecting. Henry and…


Beyond Sight: John Bacon's Dive into Abstract Expression

Join us in this episode of Apricus Weekly as we explore the intuitive world of John, an artist whose journey from abstract art collector to creator has been both unique and inspirational. Since the early 1990s, John has immersed himself in the abstract scene, leading to the development of a style characterized by its dynamic us...



Jeff Hukill: A Visionary Artist of Dream and Color

Jeff Hukill, an award-winning artist from East Texas now residing near Dallas’s scenic White Rock Lake, has carved a distinctive path in the art world through his vivid dream-inspired paintings. Wi...

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Karin Bos: A Master of Dualities in Landscape Art

Karin Bos, born in 1966 in Rijswijk, the Netherlands, is a celebrated artist known for her distinctive approach to landscape art that weaves together beauty with a hint of mystery. Graduating from ...

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Jerry Simcock: A Painter of Light, Color, and Zen in Scotland

Jerry Simcock, a Scotland-based artist residing near Edinburgh, masterfully blends his love for dynamic landscapes and vibrant colors with a deeply rooted Zen practice. His work in oils, gouache, a...

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