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Artist Spotlight

Robert Melzmuf on Apricus Weekly

Join us for this episode of our podcast where we step into the serene world of Robert Melzmuf's studio, a place where tranquility meets creativity. Robert shares insights into his peaceful process of painting, an integral part of his day-to-day life that fuels his artistic output. This calm and focused approach has supporte


Andrew Abbott on Art and Life

In this episode of our podcast, learn more about artist Andrew Abbott, where we explore his unique approach to art that combines traditional techniques with unconventional materials. Born in Nova Scotia and having lived across the globe—from Jamaica to Spain, and from Nigeria to Puerto Rico—Andrew’s diverse experiences are vivi


Taya De La Cruz on Art, Innovation, and Tansformation

Join us in this enlightening episode of our podcast as we sit down with the innovative and introspective Taya De La Cruz, an artist whose unique approach challenges the modern hustle culture by emphasizing mindfulness and presence through her art. Born to a diverse cultural heritage and raised in the tranquil settings of southe



Franz PETTO: A Journey Through Art and Legacy

Franz PETTO, born in Vienna in 1958, is an artist whose work is deeply interwoven with the fabric of his family's tumultuous history and his professional background as an engineer in the printing i...

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Geoffrey Stein: A Legal Mind Turned Full-Time Painter

Geoffrey Stein, a former lawyer turned distinguished painter, has made a significant impact in the art world with his dedicated pursuit of the craft since 2000. His unique journey from the courtroo...

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Grettel Lemus: Exploring the Universe Within Through Art

Grettel Lemus, a visionary artist originally from Tegucigalpa, Honduras, now residing in Northern California, crafts art that probes the depths of human experience and our cosmic interconnectedness...

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