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'ABYSS' - Design, Pen

Sale price$330.00 USD
Artist: Linda Gelbard
Dimension: 9'' x 12''
Certification of Authenticity: Apricus Art Collection
Signature: Signed by Artist



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Expressing art with words is difficult. Art has its own language expressed through line, form and color. It is a beautiful language of its own, capable of capturing the essence of the human experience in ways that words cannot. Movement and energy are my physical language, emotionally, it can be defined as visceral and instinctive. As Robert Rauschenberg said, “If I know what it looks like, why do it?” Energy permeates every aspect of our Universe. It fascinates me that “Ten million trillion neutrinos (a form of energy) will speed harmlessly through your brain and body in the time you have read this sentence, they will be farther away than the moon.” My art interprets energy through the shapes and lines I utilize as well as using imagination for the colors.

As a New Yorker living in Greenwich Village, the vision of constant movement, energizing and passing by is a strong influence. Creating art is a deeply fulfilling, joyful and personal experience. I enjoy the spontaneity of my work and the surprises that can occur. I do not seek perfection but celebrate the wonder of surprise in my process. When making art I am in the moment, capturing who I am.