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'THIS MOMENT' - Acrylic, Pastel, and Colored Pencil on Canvas

Sale price$4,300.00 USD
Artist: Derek Des Islets
Dimension: 18'' x 24''
Certification of Authenticity: Apricus Art Collection
Signature: Signed by Artist



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Derek Des Islets lives with his wife Linda and two children in Brooklyn, New York

I like to bounce around. I work with extremes. Going from the physical constructs of the universe to the unknown origin of emotions and what it means to be human. A major part of my life is dealing with grief, addiction and time. I lost my mom suddenly in 2015 and my grandfather died in my arms two years later. I have had to untangle the negative pathways of neurons that enable thought in my brain and have mentally reattached them. My mind is free and open now. There is nothing to be beholden to anymore except love. A new freedom has emerged from this release of desire and I am now a family man and proud father and a Brooklynite since 2012 . I have been married to my love and muse since 2017 and welcomed my daughter into the world in 2021 and my son in 2023. My art has been exhibited in numerous venues in New York, Florida, Virginia and around the world including Paris and Hong Kong. My artworks are in many collections worldwide including Italy. My artistic practice is an uncensored vision from the mind and heart.

About Arts

Derek Des Islets’ paintings are intuitively formed and spiritually guided visual descriptions of the quantum nature of reality. Using images of scientific instruments as a compositional bedrock shows the path of energy/thought/feeling through the work. The fusion of the biological signature of a beating heart denoted as an electrocardiograph measurement and time; using lines is, in essence, a visual description of life. These linear elements are used as metaphorical “packets” of memory/emotion with differing values of length, width and hue. The globular (bulbous) elements serve as a spiritual capacitor on canvas and are a catalyst for the emergence of the connections within the paintings. These works aim to act as a codex to the universe in a language that is unable to be comprehended.