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Sale price$1,600.00 USD
Artist: Li Zheng
Dimension: 39.37'' x 29.53''
Certification of Authenticity: Apricus Art Collection
Signature: Signed by Artist



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Artist's Statement

Immersed on the edge of boundless cosmos and the passage of time, I endeavor to capture the souls and landscapes lost within the cyclic currents of history and infinite repetition of time through my intricately hand-drawn creations on my iPad. With every stroke of my brush, akin to the pens of Kant and Sartre, I venture beyond the boundaries of cognition, unveiling the profound significance of existence.

First and foremost, you will notice that my artworks predominantly exist in shades of black and white. This deliberate choice is no mere coincidence. In my perception, black and white symbolize the polarities of knowledge: the unknowable essence of things themselves and the phenomena we can grasp cognitively. These monochromatic figures and landscapes, like ethereal specters traversing time and space, forever imprisoned within an inescapable moment, reflect our fixed position within the ceaseless cycles of history.

However, this does not imply that my creations are devoid of color entirely. Those images tinged with shades of darkness or muted hues reflect my concerns regarding societal regression in certain regions of the world. The desolation conveyed by these colors not only signifies my pessimism towards human destiny but also reveals a profound existential predicament: despite inhabiting a world brimming with infinite possibilities, we seem perennially ensnared by the repetition of history and societal backlashes.

Contemplations of time and space deeply influence my artistic expressions. I perceive history not as a simple linear progression but as an incessant cycle. This sensation infuses my works with an apocalyptic mood. Each repetition of history presents a challenge to our cognition and morality, as well as an exploration of the meaning of our existence.

Lastly, I aspire for my creations to awaken contemplation within viewers, to evoke empathy for the souls lost amidst the cycles of history and to engender concern for regions oppressed by societal regression and the relentless wheel of time. As an artist, I firmly believe that by exploring and revealing the true significance of life, we can discover a way to transcend history and time, ultimately realizing the intrinsic value of our existence.