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'SOMETHING PROMISED' Oil on Canvas Board

Sale price$690.00 USD
Artist: Elea Jane
Dimension: 20" x 20"
Certification of Authenticity: Apricus Art Collection
Signature: Signed by Artist



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Elea Jane is a self-taught artist currently based in Oxford. Having been unsettled from her home country and separated from her father as a child, her art often oscillates between atmospheres of home and horizon: the shadows that settle and flicker around comfort in the former, and the vertiginous void of swelling euphoria in latter. Her art focuses on the emergence of sensation and symbol which informs the complexity of subjectivity - whether through her portraits, which play with existing line and colour to bring out abstract forms speaking expressions beyond what’s prefigured and easily conceivable - or through her series of figurative dreamscapes reminiscent of fairy tales and surrealist art, laden with overtly symbolic, conflicting imagery and inspired by the spirit of collage and graffiti, mapping out the subject’s mind in the influx of information of its surroundings.

Having recently emerged from a years-long abusive relationship, Elea also uses the work as a reappropriation of self and sexuality. The trauma suffered from the abuse left the artist with severe problems with speech; the language constructed through her art, that private space that fluctuates between reality and imagination, through sensation, allowed her to take back control of her own voice. She has exhibited in Paris, has completed dozens of portrait commissions since she began painting three years ago, and her portraits are featured in the interview book Follow for Now vol. 2. by Roy Christopher. She lives in the Chilterns with her sister and her cat, Mia.