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'SEED JAR' - Oil on Canvas

Sale price$3,900.00 USD
Artist: Laurie Goodhart
Dimension: 40'' x 30''
Certification of Authenticity: Apricus Art Collection
Signature: Signed By Artist



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Laurie Goodhart is a lifelong professional artist with a BFA from University of Albany. She has exhibited widely in the US and Canada for over 35 years and is represented in hundreds of private collections. The largest part of her work is in oil on canvas but also includes watercolor, imagery on stoneware vessels, block prints, artist books, large scale paper mobiles, and sculpture.

Artist Statements

I'm hoping to conjure a little sweetness, so to speak, and root it in the mythic, the mystic, and the cycles of Nature.

The motives underlying all my paintings are both current and timeless: our common need for sustenance, beauty, and grace. Humans have not changed dramatically since we first appeared and I look for threads of continuity.

Paintings of vessels, birds, plant life, and human figures are cast as aspects of an elusive yet inviting sanctuary. Frequently the images are rooted in the remnants of ancient cultures, both tangible and oral, but they are always responding to our current world as well.

Concurrent with my professional art practice, soon after completing a dual major in fine art and philosophy, I was also an organic farmer from 1988-2017 largely occupied with goats and with effecting alchemical transformations of milk and plants. Those decades of raw, ever-precarious, thoughtful farm experience resonate throughout the artwork, testifying to the cycles & perils of life for all sentient beings, humans included.