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'REFUGE' - Oil Painting on Stretched Canvas

Sale price$500.00 USD
Artist: Malcolm Turner
Dimension: 12'' x 12''
Certification of Authenticity: Apricus Art Collection
Signature: signed by Artist



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Malcolm Turner was born in England in 1941, but moved to Johannesburg, South Africa with his parents when he was 11 years old. During his extensive travels all over the world with the Merchant Navy, he developed an excellent eye for layout, design, scenes and portraits. He started painting at the age of 50 and will be celebrating his 83rd birthday on the 6th of October. Due to his keen desire to stay in contact with many of the people that he was fortunate to cross paths with throughout his life, he has an international clientèle and has received commissions from people in Australia, the UK, the USA, and Canada to name a few. Malcolm has had several group and solo gallery exhibitions in Johannesburg, Hermanus, Stellenbosch and Mossel Bay. Malcolm’s works have been classified as Investment Art, so you know that any painting you purchase from him will increase in value over time. He is also willing to take on commissions for any special scene that you may have in mind. He also does portrait commissions if supplied with a photo.

For Malcolm art is all about portraying people, landscapes, seascapes, boats, still life, and places of interest that emerge in all their glory. As Malcolm expressed himself, “It is not so much about the location or the subject, but how it emerges as a creation that stands on its own merit as a thing of beauty and design. The portrayal of my art comes from the premise that our thoughts and beliefs determine the outcome of our lives. By seeing the patterns and rhythms of nature, we echo the dreams of our hearts, so we engage with creation to reveal the truth that we see in creation to men. There are shadows and there are lights, differing tones in complex patterns that form the visions that we see, and this is my reality. Depending on how much confusion or peace lies within us determines how we view the world; and how we view the world determines our quality of life. Hopefulness produces joy; fear and anxiety rob us of the same. I want to depict scenes of tranquillity, peace and joy so that people may see light in the midst of darkness. My paintings are a portrayal of hope and light. You can say that my work is “Art and Soul”. Must specify on the Almina painting that it is a painting done after John Singer Sargent, and also the Beaching The Boat is done after Sorolla.