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'RED EYE ' Original Print, Mixed Media Drawing

Sale price$3,800.00 USD
Artist: Camille Brack
Dimension: 33'' x 46''
Certification of Authenticity: Apricus Art Collection
Signature: Signed by Artist



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From Camille: “My art is mainly surrealistic, realistic, ecological and abstract. I have thousands of finished pieces and am constantly making more. I primarily use ink, acrylic, oil, watercolor, watercolor-acrylic and digital. I also work with 3D objects and have many plans once I can host more exhibitions. I try to bring my passion for bringing art and philosophy together with new ideas, methods and philosophies. I have worked hard in the fields of ecology and philosophy to develop an artist's philosophy and technique. I hope to use these skills in learning art and technology to continue working on media through digital and career initiatives. Currently working as an arts journalist for the guardian, and also as an art author, I have lots of writing about art. I have many books I am working on, with dozens of art books. I’m currently working through my Bachelor of Sociology, with a minor in Philosophy. I continue to work as an author with many initiatives in things from activism to theorism, with a huge focus on getting my art career started. I work mainly from day till night on projects I’ve had for only about 4 years, but I will be coming out with a lot of work soon. I want to reflect my art through my art theorism, as I write about my technique and my unique art style that defines my art differently than to something like surrealism or realism. Working on philosophical and methodology, I use ecology and realism and surrealism to reflect on phenomena throughout all art. I work on things from subjectivity and objectivity to show how common themes of art, and different styles work like the earth, or the universe, and we reflect it, like subjectivity, to our own objective perspectives of the world, universe, life, matter, understanding and more. I use different interdisciplinary theories to help build my authorism and articism, and continue to critique and build my technique but it continues to be something I have well defined for many years. Starting my website 4 years ago, and working for now a year for The Guardian, I am hoping that all the work I do soon will make huge impacts in the academic and economic world of art and interdisciplinary theory. As an artist with thousands of pieces, I am hoping not just to sell these pieces and make a lot of money, but to make a great career and name for myself, with lots of support from all aspects of the world. My intention is to create a better environment for not just the world, but for the infrastructural means and statues of matters at hand that provide us with the ability to have things like mobility, freedom of being, things that I study in Sociology to advocate for things as simple as world peace and as dominant as fighting against religious and warfare laws and ideas. My ideas come from a place that is filled with things that feature animalism, fractalism, nature, humor, seriousness, some graphic images while others metaphoric, some are emotional while others provide an outlook on things seeing past this, all with an intent to bring the ego of art and its’ subjective nature, “cultural” implications, and objective use or demeanor to create a way of intentful art that's' impact is lasting, unique, and effective. The effect of my technique is to bridge the differences in art to produce all kinds of art, as an artist skilled in everything from painting, to the study of tattoo art, to the prominence but also relentless ideas of landscape, or memory, or ego and subjective nature in human art. I use these humanistic ideas in a positive way to look at ideas of life, and produce cosmological theory that studies it through the use of things like my digital art techniques, and my painting styles. Beginning in a world and time that is crowded with the overproduction of thought but yet the under representation of actual people, the world is clouded away from the mysteries that represent what we truly think of when we see this world. It is yet to be a real, final, strong enough, or serious enough day that any of the light from what we see in our day to day basis will shine through, and in the horrors of warfare and climate crisis, we have burnt through the energy manifested, or manufactured in a process and product of great decay. I hope to see a greater day, and that is what I fight for in my art, and spend all of my time and means in developing a career that really succeeds on a global level.”