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Sale price$10,600.00 USD
Artist: Jeff Hukill
Dimension: 36'' x 60''
Certification of Authenticity: Apricus Art Collection
Signature: Signed by Artist



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Jeff Hukill is an award-winning artist born in east Texas and currently living in Dallas near beautiful White Rock Lake. He has been painting his dream visions since 1975.

"I sincerely believe when our heart is in the right place and with the conscious creative use of our imagination, dreams, and contemplations, we can truly develop a greater awareness of who and what we are in relationship to humanity, to the reasons we're here in this world, and to a deeper understanding of how we choose to give to life."

Being a self-educated artist for more than 40 years, he has studied the writings and techniques of many well-known artists, including a few of the more prominent figures such as Maxfield Parrish, Robert Henri, and Salvador Dali. Jeff has been particularly drawn to the transparent glazing techniques of the old masters and the use of color by the impressionists.

"I've never been drawn to the academic world of art because of the personal nature of the creative process, and I don't particularly feel that art can be truly taught. However, through the development of materials and techniques, we can discover the deep inner workings of our own unique authenticity. Art has always brought a deeper understanding of myself from the changes and discovery that emerge through my participation with the medium of thought, paint, color, and canvas."