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'IN BETWEEN' - Abstract Acrylic Painting on Canvas

Sale price$710.00 USD
Artist: Nina Akerlund
Dimension: 60'' x 80''
Certification of Authenticity: Apricus Art Collection
Signature: Signed by Artist



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My name is Nina Åkerlund and I live in Sweden. I’m a self taught artist and I started to paint about 10 years ago but more frequent about 5 years ago. I paint abstract art. I love when people tell me what they see in my paintings. If I see a flower someone else sees a wine glass. That, I think, is wonderful about abstract art. People are free to see what they see. I get my inspiration from my feelings. I do get ideas from looking at other artists work but I do my own thing on my canvas. I start a painting with one idea but the end result usually looks totally different. Some of my paintings are playful. Others a bit darker and heavier. Both in terms of colors and shapes. Painting is my escape from everything in everyday life. I work in NICU and I worked in ICU for 14 years before that. Painting has become the source of joy and inner peace for me. What ever feeling urges to come out it ends up on my canvas. I paint different forms and colors on every canvas. Sometimes I struggle for days or even weeks with one painting before I’m satisfied with it. It’s a process for sure. In that process I take step back and just look at the painting now and then. Sometimes I take photo of it and edit it to black and white just to see what shapes I’m missing. I love that process even tough it can be annoying sometimes. I hope to touch peoples souls thru my feelings I put into my paintings.