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'HYPNOTIC' - Sculpture, Relief

Sale price$1,270.00 USD
Artist: Eni Pullumbi
Framed: 20.47'' x 20.47'' x 2.36''
Unframed: 19.69'' x 19.69'' x 1.18''
Certification of Authenticity: Apricus Art Collection
Signature: signed by Artist



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Eni Pullumbi is an artist hailing from Tirana, Albania, who began his artistic journey at Fine Art Hight School of the Albanian Capital, Tirana. In addition to fundamental disciplines like drawing and artistic painting, he specialized in artistic photography. Continuing his studies in multimedia arts at the National Academy of Fine Arts in Tirana, interrupting them in the second academic year to fulfill his dream of studying abroad in the captivating Eternal City, Rome, Italy. There, he immersed himself in graphic design and editorial techniques, an art he has been cultivating since the age of 15.

Subsequently, Pullumbi transferred his talents to Milan, where he established his career in Graphic Design, serving as Creative Director for prestigious brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Hisense, Nintendo, Canon, and Samsung. In the latter case, he dedicated himself to promotional and advertising campaigns for the Italian divisions, including sectors like Audio & Video, Built-In, and Home Appliances.

With over 20 years of artistic experience, Pullumbi's compositions communicate through abstract forms and geometric portraits. His artistic exploration involves continuous experimentation with unique customs, techniques, and materials. His recent works come to life through the fusion of distinctive materials, creatively combining sponges, abrasive sheets, and acrylic colors. This deliberate approach introduces a captivating contrast between the tactile softness of sponges and the firmer texture of abrasive sheets, with the aim of creating compositions that evoke a stimulating dichotomy between these elements.

The geometric style, enriched with hints of cubism, imparts a modern and contemporary dimension to his works. Through variations in volumes, planes, and details, the artworks acquire a three-dimensional effect, engaging not only the visual perception but also the tactile experience.