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'HATHAWAY POND' - Oil and Acrylic on canvas

Sale price$800.00 USD
Artist: Susan Stewart
Dimension: 20" x 20"
Certification of Authenticity: Apricus Art Collection
Signature: Signed by Artist



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Susan Stewart, an American artist currently residing on Cape Cod, has traversed a diverse artistic journey. A former soloist with the Joffrey Ballet in New York City from 1977 to 1983, she later pursued studies at the Ecole Superieure d’art Annecy Alpes in the city of Annecy, France, transitioning from murals, sign painting and Poster Designer to Fine Art. Returning to the United States after 30 years in France, she now calls Cape Cod home.

Susan's paintings serve as a canvas to transform and reinterpret her most poignant memories. Focused on achieving harmony between color, movement, shape, and rhythm, her work often draws from music, society, and nature. Her pieces encourage viewers to reflect on the complexities of human existence, blending elements of the past into dreamlike, fabricated memories. Beyond the visual realm, Susan's artistic goal is to encapsulate these stories, creating modified reminders of her life's experiences and souvenirs. With her direct, primitive freshness and use of Fauvist color, Susan wants to create a world that “enhances the life” of others. Often bringing the spectators to ask themselves questions around the events occurring in the painting, involving the viewer mentally as well as visually.

Her artistic approach involves rearranging "old" memories to craft new narratives. Drawing inspiration from her past, Susan explores specific individuals and moments, often reinterpreting her own photos to suit a new vision. Her work integrates a thoughtful study of art history, influenced by dance, literature, music, and painting, with artists like Peter Doig, Matthew Wong, and David Hockney serving as inspiration.

Classified within the realm of Magic Realism, Susan has showcased her work online, selling through her personal site. She has also exhibited at the Cape Cod Museum, Sarasota Art Center in Florida & The Commons in Provincetown.