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Sale price$280.00 USD
Artist: Danielle Neumann Kelly
Dimension: 16" x 24" & 20" x 30" & 24" x 36"
Certification of Authenticity: Apricus Art Collection
Signature: Signed by Artist



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A great photograph is one that motivates emotionally, it contains a sincerity in both conception and execution that comes from deep within. My creative motivation stems from shooting mostly in available light as well as a study of the way light, or the lack of light , can transform the atmosphere of a scene. For me this transformation also signifies depth, taking the mundane and turning it into something dramatic, other worldly .

The trees, in the dramatic landscapes with interesting sky speak to me. The shapes and gestures tell distinct stories. My portraits are treated as a cinematic moment. Capturing again something deeper than what is seen on the surface.

The work is shot with both digital and film, and on occasion i add extra textures to the images.

My appreciation of light and the way it transforms people and objects encourages my expression as an artist, revealing and penetrating every time I create an image that compels and draws from the soul.