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Sale price$4,250.00 USD
Artist: Alexey Adonin
Dimension: 28'' x 16''
Certification of Authenticity: Apricus Art Collection
Signature: Signed by Artist



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Alexey Adonin is an artist from Israel, originally born in Belarus. He started his artistic journey at the age of nine by attending the Children's Art School. When he was 15, he passed the entrance exams for Art College in Minsk to pursue art as a career. During his formative years, he developed a keen interest in various unique hobbies, and despite being aware of the corruption in the world, he remained committed to focusing on positive things. Nature, in particular, served as a significant source of inspiration for him. In the early 90s, Alexey and his family relocated to Israel, where he continued to hone his craft and explore new ideas and themes. His work has been displayed locally and internationally and acquired by numerous private collections worldwide. Alexey's artistic contributions have earned him various accolades, including multiple awards, and he continues to create captivating works of art that embody his unique style and interests.

Artist Statement

Alexey is an artist who seeks to connect with his audience on a deep and meaningful level. He achieves this by exploring the intersection between abstraction and surrealism, two powerful artistic concepts that allow him to express his inner world in a unique and compelling way. Alexey is not content with simply sharing his personal vision; he wants his viewers to be active participants in the creative process, inviting them to construct their own interpretations and narratives by engaging with his work emotionally and intellectually.

Alexey's approach to art is grounded in a deep respect for the creative process and a willingness to embrace randomness and chance in his work. He is not constrained by preconceived notions or rigid ideas about how art should be created. Instead, he allows his intuition and imagination to guide him, taking advantage of the mind's remarkable ability to find order in chaos.

Ultimately, Alexey's goal is to move beyond the mere replication of reality and toward creating a world that reflects his innermost thoughts and feelings. By pushing the boundaries of artistic expression and inviting his audience to join him on this journey, he hopes to inspire others to explore their own creativity and unlock their full potential as artists and human beings.