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Sale price$2,800.00 USD
Artist: Megan Gonyo
Dimension: 40'' x 60''
Certification of Authenticity: Apricus Art Collection
Signature: signed by Artist



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Megan Gonyo is a self-taught artist who works out of her own Minneapolis studio to help clients level up their homes and workspaces. She has always promoted that original pieces of art add an element of sophistication and luxury to any space, and even more than that, it fuels the creative energy that she believes is innate in every human being.

Megan has a unique skill set in that her work is versatile. Different styles, color palettes, and mediums are used to create collections of work. Megan started her artistic career as a landscape artist using oils as her preferred medium and color value techniques to create highly technical and realistic depictions of places and things. But over the years, acrylics and mixed media have taken the spotlight to create abstract works that force the viewer’s mind to explore things outside of what our eyes perceive in the real world and walk into the realm of ideas, dreams, and inspiration. 

Megan is an avid world traveler and music lover. As such, she gets her inspiration from the exercise of communicating with others across language barriers and through no language at all by way of the visual arts. She’s a multi-passionate entrepreneur, with wide-ranging interests in technology, marketing + branding, and neuroscience + psychology with respect to how our brains can be re-wired to motivate us toward particular life outcomes. At the intersection of all of those things is a curiosity about life and the universe that shows up in her work.

Megan's work is seen in residential and commercial spaces in and around the Twin Cities, including the Four Seasons and other multi-family residential projects. Within the last three years, her work has traveled beyond Minneapolis to the permanent art collections of clients in Chicago, St. Louis, San Francisco, Brooklyn, and other major metropolitan areas.