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Sale price$3,000.00 USD
Artist: Adam Starr
Dimension: 18" x 12"
Certification of Authenticity: Apricus Art Collection
Signature: Signed by Artist



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At the heart of Adam’s artistic process lies a cathartic and transformative experience. Through a unique approach known as “stream of consciousness” or “jazz painting,” he delves into the recesses of his soul, allowing emotions to flow freely onto the canvas. It is this uninhibited outpouring of feelings that lends a raw and unfiltered authenticity to his work, creating a connection with his audience that transcends language and culture.

“The paintings I have shared are examples of my unique style of abstract expressionism. I’m deeply moved by the music I listen to and the movements of my body while creating. All of my paintings incorporate subconscious elements that arise from this movement or “flow state”.

In his abstract paintings, Adam wields calligraphy pens and oil paint like a conductor guiding a symphony. With each stroke, he weaves a tapestry of colors and emotions, crafting visual poetry that resonates with the human spirit. Themes of connection, spirituality, and love reverberate through his art, reminding us of the shared human experience that unites us all.

But Adam’s artistic genius doesn’t end with paintings alone. His surrealist photographs are nothing short of mesmerizing. Like portals to other dimensions, each photo beckons the viewer to step into a world where reality and imagination dance together in harmony. Through skillful manipulation and a keen eye for colors, he creates visual stories that ignite our imagination and kindle a sense of wonder within.

What truly sets Adam apart is the way his art becomes a conduit for his soul to speak directly to ours. His creations are more than mere images; they are windows into the depths of his heart and mind. His unique blend of spirituality and emotion bridges the gap between artist and audience, fostering a profound connection that leaves an indelible impression on all who behold his work.

As we immerse ourselves in his vibrant world, we find ourselves drawn closer to our own humanity and interconnectedness. His art serves as a reminder that, despite our diverse backgrounds and experiences, we share a universal language of emotion and creativity.

Join us as we celebrate this visionary artist whose mystic nature and soul-stirring creations leave an indomitable mark on the global art scene. Adam Starr’s art is an invitation to explore the depths of human experience and to embrace the beauty of our shared humanity. Get ready to be captivated, inspired, and moved like never before.