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'CINEMA' - Acrylic on Wood Panel

Sale price$2,900.00 USD
Artist: Irfan Ajvazi
Dimension: 15.75'' x 15.75''
Frame: Yes
Certification of Authenticity: Apricus Art Collection
Signature: Signed by Artist



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Irfan Ajvazi is a visual artist, sculptor, draftsman, photographer, and printmaker based in europe working in the field of painting, sculpture , drawing and new media. His artworks can be described as minimalist and intimate, as he investigates the concept of presence.

Ajvazi, specializes in acrylics and thrives in the realms of painting, photography, drawing, and sculpture. His paradoxical blend of realism and surrealism, achieved through meticulous layering, impasto, and dry brushing techniques, crafts dreamlike narratives that explore the depth of human emotion. His artistry exudes a sense of wonder and cherished imperfection, challenging viewers to appreciate the value in originality and the lessons mistakes offer.

He has exhibited extensively in national and international institutions and galleries and his work is included in numerous collections around the world.

Artist Statement

I usually compare this to traditional sketches. I take snapshots, without looking for a special photo. I photograph a motif or figure that catches my eye and interests me. When I paint a picture, it is then that I compose—I find a figure interesting and search for something that goes together with it. At the end, the work is put together from different sources.

The medium of photography plays an important role of course, since it allows you to capture moments you could otherwise not capture—simply because of the speed of the camera. But at the same time, it is difficult to distinguish, since the artistic process is influenced by a number of things—things that have influenced me, such as film, commercials, media in general and art history.

One thing that interests me in Baudelaire‘s Essays, in his exploration of the painter of modern life, intriguingly highlights the idea that each historical era manifests its unique expressions across various aspects of existence – from attitudes, fashion, and discourse to architectural designs. This intricate aesthetic landscape essentially mirrors the essence of the period. However, amidst this transient surface, Baudelaire discerns another aspect – the timeless. Yet, he grapples with the elusive nature of capturing this eternal essence, acknowledging its complexity and the challenge in defining it. His essay predominantly revolves around the concept of beauty, which in itself remains elusive and multifaceted, characterized by its contingent nature, amalgamating various elements into a singular yet intricate concept.