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'CALL OF THE WILD' - Acrylic on Board

Sale price$1,800.00 USD
Artist: Marcia Biasiello
Dimension: 24” x 36” (Framed)
Certification of Authenticity: Apricus Art Collection
Signature: Signed by Artist



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Marcia Biasiello sees her images as visual narratives and love poems depicting pivotal moments where what happens before, after, and even during is open with possibility. She thinks of the frame as drawing a line around an otherwise normal environment and otherwise uneventful moment. By constraining the space and loading it with extremes, a next step seems inevitable, from choice not constraint. The figures’ interactions—him and her, him and the past, her and the future—overlay the present moment to make any next move possible. She doesn’t know what each figure presented in these paintings will do next and invites the viewer to imagine.

In her most recent series "The Welcome Untamed” she seeks to uphold the human experience as ripe with possibility, exaltation, and relentless exuberance. Instead of consenting to constraint and cowering to the forceful logic of the world we find ourselves in. She wishes to behold the wild, and welcome the untamed. We may move through our days and nights more or less unaware of creatures, impulses, desires, even regrets, until something stirs. We are awakened by the surprise interruption. The moment is charged with choosing the next move, offering possible connection and expansion. The wild embraced.

Marcia Biasiello is an award winning artist who holds an MFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and was a Visiting Assistant Professor of Art and Design in Urbana, Illinois, and a Visiting Artist at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her work has been collected in the US and Canada and exhibited in the US and Europe. She has received grants from the Illinois Art Council for painting and installation work, as well as a collaborative experimental opera. She is represented on Minted, as well Blue Moon Gallery in Illinois as an Affiliate Artist.