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'BURNED MERMAID' - Oil on Canvas

Sale price$4,083.50 USD
Artist: Janis Titans
Dimension: 39.4'' x 47.2''
Certification of Authenticity: Apricus Art Collection
Signature: Signed by Artist



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Janis Titans born in 1968 in artist family. From 1982-1987 studied in Riga Art and Design Secondary School, from 1988-1994 in Art Academy of Latvia, in 1996 completed master’s degree in art. After finishing university worked with famous Latvian sculptor Vilnis Titans in various different projects. These projects gave opportunity to learn how to work with bronze and granite sculptures and could say that he became a professional in that sphere. Janis artistic soul didn’t stop there, parallel sculpture projects he worked as designer and made numerous bathtub design colections in Latvia, Estonia and even Dubai. But despite all of these artistic expressions Janis heart belongs to painting, it’s place where he can express his deepest emotions and thoughts. Janis has been participating in art expositions since 1992, personal and group in Latvia, Sweden and Germany.

Now Janis is living in Carnikava, small town near capital city Riga of Latvia next to Baltic sea coast which gives some of most beautiful sunsets in eastern Europe and is inspiration to some of Janis paintings. Janis family started pool / bathtub / fountain engineering, design and construction company LTJ LaTiJa LTD, which has been working with local and international clients in all Europe. Janis shows in his paintings an expressive richness of colors. A shimmering glow comes both from the sky and from the leaves of the trees and sunsets of baltic sea. It's morning and the sun begins its journey in the sky and a new day begins. In the paintings, as if marked obstacles of different colors appear in the foreground. Each color perhaps expresses the weaknesses and passions of people. The richness of feelings and the richness of colors, the sunset and the dawn of the sun, man and nature, - countless inseparable things of this earth.