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'BLUFF III' - Oil Paint on Canvas

Sale price$2,095.00 USD
Artist: Mark Granlund
Dimension: 31" x 24"
Frame: Yes
Certification of Authenticity: Apricus Art Collection
Signature: Signed by Artist



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Granlund received a Masters of Fine Arts degree in painting and drawing from The City University of New York at Brooklyn College. He has employed in art education and administration as a lifelong career, teaching, advising and stewarding arts communities and public art collections. Currently, Granlund is the Public Art Administrator for Metro Transit in the Twin Cities.

Grounded in respect for Nature, he prioritizes working with eco-friendly materials: eco-sensitive paints and finishing products, organic cotton or linen, and sustainable lumber for his stretchers and frames.

Artist Statement


Granlund's landscape painting flows from his sustained love of, and respect for, the geography and ecology of the North. Seeing Nature as a whole system requires engaging all senses to capture and express the authenticity of a complex environment. In his paintings, Mark builds detail, texture and layers using washes, fields of color, impasto strokes, glazing and scumbling, to bring light, textures and motion to the canvas. As the viewer pauses before the landscape on canvas, a perceptive eye finds another layer, another moment.

Granlund's abiding love of lakes and woods is rooted in his childhood. His paintings pass on his delight in play and discovery, fostered early in his life while living in Northern New Jersey on a wooded acre lot. Because of his fondness for lakes, Mark's father chose family recreation sites near Seven Lakes in southern New York State, rather than heading East, to the Jersey Shore. His father's fondness for lakes came from his parents who immigrated from Finland to America, settling in Northern Minnesota. A passion for trees and lakes was further reinforced during annual visits with his maternal Grandparents, who always lived on lakes in Central and Northern Minnesota. His family's history with Northern landscapes is a strong inspiration for Mark's detail-infused landscape paintings.


As Granlund creates a Still Life, he perceptively links associations, objects, and thoughts. He deconstructs the traditional genre by making his internal monologue more important than the elements of the art form. Each object is more than an opportunity to explore form, color and light. Whether Granlund is exploring his diet, what it is to be American, Cezanne's legacy, or contemporary culture, he is deftly painting a twist of associations.