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Sale price$2,700.00 USD
Artist: Charlotte Eder
Dimension: Picture size: 18.5'' x 27.6''
Dimension: Framing size: 23.6'' x 32.7''
Framed: Framed in Special Glass
Certification of Authenticity: Apricus Art Collection
Signature: Signed by Artist

Frame Material:


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I grew up in Överkalix, a small community in northern Sweden, in a family where art and culture in general were considered important parts of everyday life. My father Josef was an artist who left Austria for Sweden in1938, to avoid being drafted into the Second World War. He worked with wood sculpting and reliefs. As a child, I was very much involved in the process of his creative work. To start painting was therefore a natural step for me.

But not before I’ve conducted extensive language studies in Vienna and Moscow. After my university degree, I focused on international business development and export in my work. Consequently, I had established a professional career before I started painting.

I have now been an artist for some twenty years. Being totally autodidact, I am all the same extremely quality-conscious when choosing art materials. The inherent driving force is my eagerness to learn and try out something new with each painting. I am very much involved with the motif, usually depicting trees, sky, water, stone, flowers and the occasional bird.

I use a unique technique where I colorize photographs in a traditional fashion, thus creating a three-dimensional quality to the images.

My influences are diverse. For example, Japanese-Asian Art and aesthetics, the Düsseldorf school, the Naturalist movement and the Impressionists. Viewing a painting by Vincent van Gogh can easily make me cry and the work of legendary Swedish artist Prince Eugen is very close to my heart.