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Sale price$9,000.00 USD
Artist: Ellen Kirwan
Dimension: 54" x 54"
Certification of Authenticity: Apricus Art Collection
Signature: Signed by Artist



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Ellen, a native of the cosmopolitan city of San Francisco, is an artist whose creativity sparks from the beautiful nuances nestled within the depths of life itself. Raised in a Roman Catholic family where her father was a police officer and mom a homemaker, Ellen learned early on about commitment and responsibility, being the eldest of four young siblings. Her initiation into the world of art was as sublime as her artwork, beginning with her winning a special acknowledgment at the tender age of seven. Ellen's groundbreaking puppet creation made its place into a children’s museum, setting the stage for her artistic journey.

Influenced by her mother's artistic flair, which remained largely unexplored, Ellen took a liking towards abstract art. Despite her passion for expressing her emotions on canvas, the conventional life led her to the role of a homemaker and mom.  But her love for art never ceased to exist and her yearning for artistic exploration would occasionally surface, manifesting in spurts of creativity. Along the way, she found mentors in Susan Sarback, Robert Burridge, Peggi Kroll Roberts, Pamela Caughey, Adele Sypesteyn and Nick Wilton of Art2Life, further polishing her intuitive abilities.

Driven by her undying love for painting, Ellen soon embarked on a journey towards self-discovery through her art. Her creations portray a profound connection to the abstract art world, and she believes that every stroke she paints delves deeper into her soul, revealing a facet of her purpose.

Creating abstract art for Ellen is a process of giving and taking, of adding strokes and erasing marks till she achieves a composition that resounds with her inner state. Her choice of colors has evolved over time with blues, aquas, reds, oranges, and greens currently dominating her palette, reflecting the splendor of her new home, Florida. Beneath these beautiful hues are layers of emotions, history, and wisdom that make Ellen's art unique. Most of her paintings are laden with history, both literally and figuratively, enveloped in layers of collage, emerging and receding into the colorful chaos of her canvases.

Ellen's work has been heavily influenced by eminent artists like Joan Mitchell, Richard Diebenkorn, and Mark Rothko, and her work has gained wide recognition globally. She is an esteemed member of the renowned Art Center Sarasota and Art Center Manatee. Her creative excellence has earned her many awards, including the prestigious title of Best of Show, with her artistic masterpieces being accepted into numerous juried shows. Critics and art lovers alike are often fixated on her choice of vibrant and tropical colors, reminiscent of the sunny and lively vibe of South West Florida.

Ellen's journey as an artist is a never-ending quest for self-discovery and expression. She dreams of making her art accessible to more people, in the hope of enriching societies with the beauty and emotion that art offers. Ellen conveys through her work that art plays a crucial role in mirroring the vulnerability and resilience inherent to human existence, bringing colors, emotions, and stories to the surface of our perception.

Ellen now resides and creates near the beautiful Gulf of Mexico in Florida. Besides painting, she enjoying golfing, dates nights and travel with her new husband and loves getting together with her Florida family!

Artist Statement

Through my art, I create stories for your walls, inviting you to explore a new reality like Alice through the looking glass. Each painting is a culmination of history and emotion, with layers of collage and hidden depths waiting to be discovered. My subject matter is almost always abstract, as I believe it to be the most inspiring form of art. 

Influenced by the vibrant colors of my new home in Florida, I express the beauty and complexity of life through my work. Just as a jazz composer expresses themselves through music, I express myself through art, creating an emotion and a statement beyond just a pretty picture. 

Using a blend of acrylics, oils, pencils, oil sticks, and sometimes collage, I strive to capture something ethereal on canvas, drawing both myself and my viewers into the world I have created. As I continue to evolve, my art becomes more abstract, taking me on a journey into myself and the realm of creation.

For me, creating art is an eternal pursuit, a climb to a mountain top with no peak in sight. It is a search for perfection that is never fully realized, a journey that continues to unfold with each brushstroke.