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Taya De La Cruz


Taya’s artistic approach serves as an antidote to the modern expectations of pace, achievement and results. Each labour-intensive piece visually articulates the considerable amount of time taken to create it, and reinforces the message of slowing down and being present. The ultimate relationship with time.

She created a new technique of painting, using medical-grade syringes and needles, which allow her to work with paint on a microscopic level.

Taya is a half-Spanish, half-Indian Londoner who was raised in sleepy southern Spain and educated in
Gibraltar. She trained as an actress, and expanded her discipline into visual art.

Artist Statement

My work is thematically centred around the human experience and how we respond to life's challenging events. I'm particularly inspired by the psychology of overcoming hardship, and the mindset required for elite performance. I focus on finding light in the dark; difficult circumstances can be approachable and even beautiful.

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