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Sovina Vernon-White


I am a contemporary artist who lives and works in London.

I began life in a sleepy village in Nottinghamshire, where I learned how tonavigate discriminatory spaces within my village. Where words had not sufficedart did the talking.

​I am a self-taught artist who realised my abilities when I was about 11 years old. Ifound my place in my art lessons and noted the positive attention around mywork from friends and family. Despite my passion, I was persuaded that art wasnot regarded as a viable career to sustain a comfortable lifestyle.  I then leaned into my academic side, became a chartered surveyor and relegatedart to a hobby for many years. Being distracted by life I dipped in and out ofart between these different chapters of my life. Then came an event that meantthese creative rendezvouses developed into a committed relationship. This wasthe storm that reverberated around the world: Covid and BLM.

​I drew on my passion from historical events and current affairs. I believe art isan important medium in which we record our lives and how those lives interactwith each other. I use paintings to express events in the same way a poet useswords to express.

​I have exhibited in Publicis Sapient (Part of the Saatchi family), Green andStone, Linkedin (UK) and London Piccadilly, Sponsored by the crown estate.

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Sovina Vernon-White
'JACK III' Sale price$680.00 USD
Sovina Vernon-White
'JACK II' Sale price$680.00 USD
Sovina Vernon-White
'JACK I' Sale price$680.00 USD
Sovina Vernon-White
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Sovina Vernon-White
'HEAR' Sale price$680.00 USD
Sovina Vernon-White
'SEE' Sale price$680.00 USD