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Piper Lewine


Piper Lewine (b. 1980) is an emerging, self-taught multimedia artist based in the vibrant city of San Francisco. With a diverse range of styles and techniques, she chiseled out recognition in the realm of Bay Area Graffiti. Now expanding her artistic horizons, Piper has begun to make a name for herself in the world of fine art.
Her work is allocated from reminiscent folk material adjusted to a colorful and accessible contemporary aesthetic. She employs various mediums from acrylic, oil, watercolor, embroidery, pastels, and more. Often creating her work on found objects such as metal sheets, wood, glass, paper, and canvas. Her works are frequently populated by graphic and playful characters, exuding a whimsical charm, inviting viewers into her imaginative world.
In addition to her two-dimensional creations, she also creates hand-tufted rugs featuring her distinct graphic designs. Currently, she is exploring the medium of stained glass, discovering unique ways to infuse light into her artistic compositions.
Some of her notable exhibitions include A Vulnerable Place and Moonshine (2022), solo shows at Adobe Books Collective and Ginger Rubio in SF, CA, The Spring Group Show (2022) at Memorial Gallery, NY, Happy As A Clam (2018), a solo show at Art Primo Gallery in SF, CA, and Alicia McCarthy & Friends (2018), a group show at V1 Gallery in Denmark. She also completed a residency at The Growlery Gallery in SF, resulting in two solo shows, Piper Pages (2017) and Unhappy Little Trees (2016). Piper has been featured in Juxtapoz and has completed a capsule for Element skateboards.

Artist Statement

Driven by pure passion and a yearning for the disappearing feeling of creating for the love of it, I find my purpose in art. As an artist, I embrace the extremes and acknowledge the struggles of life's darker aspects. However, I counterbalance those experiences by crafting colorful and bold images that evoke a folk art charm with a touch of vintage children's book nostalgia.
For me, it is essential that my art exudes a sense of fun, inviting anyone to engage with it. Drawing from my own experiences as an "outsider artist" without formal training, I understand what it means to feel like an underdog. Yet, armed with nothing but my drive and passion, I continue to pursue my artistic journey.
My aim is to inspire others to tap into their own inner creative voice, one that often gets drowned out by insecurities and the monotonous routine of everyday life. I hope to reignite the pure joy of creation and remind others of the transformative power art holds.

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