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Michelle Hold


Michelle Hold's paintings are a balance between aesthetic contemplation and poetic narrative. Much more than just abstract paintings, her work is profound, lyrical, euphoric, energetic and yet has a pensive energy going far beyond expressionism. Color is for Michelle a living and pulsating energy, her expression and feeling of the time of painting.  She creates abstract works which hold a special connection with the viewer and aim to bring beauty, positive vibrations, and energy to her public.
Time spent to study architecture has influenced her construction methods, creating images with multiple layering while her experience in the textile industry has formed her equilibrated use of color. Her paintings are created with 'dance like' gestures and mesmerising layers.They are dramatic yet peaceful, loud and vibrant with space for quiet contemplation. They are the artists visual representation of the eternal energy of the universe; an universal energetic vibration.
Born in Germany, Michelle lived long periods of time in Paris, New York, Hong Kong, London, now she is based in Italy. She has exhibited solo shows throughout Europe and China , participated in group shows worldwide, and in international art fairs in Berlin, London, Milan, New York, Miami, Athens, Vilnius. Her works are privately collected around the world.