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Leticia Lacy


Leticia Lacy has worked on numerous tv animated programs for over 20 years. She art directed, painted backgrounds and provided visual development on shows such as Star Wars Clone Wars, Power Puff Girls, Rugrats, the Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse and many, many more. In 2023, she veered into fine art and began painting her collection entitled “California Dreaming.”

The “California Dreaming” series is a metaphor for "diving into the unknown" and combines California vintage vibes with a female perspective. The artist felt that many around her were venturing into new courageous life changes and her paintings began to be inspired by this trend. Diving from the clouds without a life vest, looking out onto new horizons to weigh options and fully letting go into the “free fall of life” are types of stories being told in these pieces. Dreamy cloudscapes, California palm trees and splashy color palettes are featured throughout the work.

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