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Indranil Banerjee

Artist Statement

Canvas, to me, is a subject. It tolerates my angry outbursts and patently listens to my imagination. My subject sprouts with the tinge of my imagination, giving vent to every load within.

The first tone on the canvas on decides the flow and flight of my journey. After execution of a thought, I am a relieved man. The soul resembles an empty vessel then.

But the lull is ephemeral. After giving shape to a thought within, "the next process starts soon".

That my painting and I give no sermon to the society is always evident on my subject. My space and I merge together to find a new space. The four boundaries of the place of all inner executions is I am. And my subjects give a message "that I am afraid to get lost within my thoughts, beauty, the feelings of being achieved".

I always feel that paintings are not a medium or place of showing my concept, ideas or beautiful stories. I do not try to tell anything through my paint-brush-canvas as it is beyond such earthy feelings. It does not carry any message. Rather it takes me to a world within me, finding myself through a path of self-realisation, a world where I belong, where few belong crossing the limit of all explanation, a state of DHYAN-meditation.

True greatness in life, as in art, is not achieved through one or two notable deeds, but through a consistent and enduring journey of growth, creativity, and impact, where every phase and every piece contributes to the masterpiece of one's legacy.

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