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Hector Acevedo


I was born in Lima in 1963. In 1986, I was admitted to Peru’s Advanced Autonomous School of Fine Arts to study drawing and painting while continuing studies in civil engineering at the National University of Engineering. Both majors helped shape different life perspectives for me as a future artist. I chose to work in the field of plastic arts, where I found my true vocation and personal satisfaction. I currently live in Spain.

Artist Statement

The artist resorts to a symbolic-dreamlike figurativism in which the apparent external emptiness is contrasted with an internal plenitude. The figures are created, in close-up, with truly decisive touches and elegant brushstrokes, accompanied by symbols that represent the crisis of current society. Hector Acevedo's work's figures emanate a poetry and a delicacy that needs to undermine the wall of appearance in which they are found. Vivid, intense, strong, and penetrating colors fill Acevedo's wonderful canvases.

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