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Ellen Pliskin


Ellen Pliskin, a New York City native, is an artist whose primary focus lies in the exploration of the natural world through watercolors, printmaking, and photography. Her artistic vision often incorporates architectural elements, creating illusionistic passages of space within her work.

Pliskin maintains studios in both New York City and Cheshire, Connecticut, allowing her to draw inspiration from both urban and rural landscapes. She pursued her education in Fine Arts at the School of Visual Arts (SVA), later earning degrees from Hunter College and Fordham University.

Having exhibited extensively across the United States, Pliskin's art has also reached international audiences through the United States Department of State's "Art in Embassies Program." This platform has provided her with opportunities to showcase her creative expression on a global stage, further contributing to the dialogue between art and diplomacy. Pliskin's diverse body of work reflects her deep connection to nature, her exploration of architectural forms, and her commitment to sharing her artistic vision on both national and international platforms.

Her works are in the permanent collects of Pfizer, The United States Department of State “Art inEmbassies Program”, Washington D.C., HIP (NY), The University of New Mexico, The Hospital forSpecial Care CT, UCONN HEALTH. CT, The Federal Reserve Board, Washington D.C. and the UnitedStates Department of State “Art Bank Program”, Washington D.C. .

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