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Bryce Lewan


Bryce Lewan is a visionary artist exploring abstracts realms through acrylic paint. In his experiences with a higher powers of his understanding, he captures glimpses of abstract worlds and realms that live amongst us. Growing up in the southwest region of Arizona he found inspiration from Native American tribes. He incorporates patterns found in Native Art, while expressing an abstract and psychedelic style with a contemporary feel. Bryce grew up playing baseball and hockey the majority of his childhood and It wasn’t until the age of 22 he started to explore his creativity. Suppressing his creative energy over years led him to dive head first into his craft and has found painting to be an enlightening experience. Finding the expression of painting has brought purpose and passion to his life. Bryce sees his art as being a meditation that he practices to heal himself and the world he lives in. Sharing his art he hopes to reach deep levels of the human experience, proving the possibilities and infinite potential humans are capable of. Bryce wants to inspire the next person to start they’re own journey of healing and self discovery hoping that one painting can create Devine intervention. 

Bryce Lewan

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