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Bryan Trainor


Bryan Trainor is a self-taught oil painter residing in Austin, TX. Since beginning to paint 2 years ago, his artistic journey has been shaped by a wide array of influences. He has consciously chosen not to confine himself to one specific style, artist, or theme in his paintings. His open approach has allowed him to continually learn and evolve as an artist. Having had no real appreciation of art until he began painting on his own, he has dedicated himself to studying art history, culture,and various techniques within a relatively short time frame. This comprehensive knowledge has equipped him with the ability to adapt and create art across diverse genres. His main aspiration is to inspire others to discover their creative capabilities and embrace art as a form of self-expression and reflection. He genuinely believes that each individual possesses something unique to convey, and art serves as an ideal conduit for that expression. Presently, his artistic focus revolves around refining his style by incorporating elements from Luminism, Impressionism, and Plein air.

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