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Brittney Fucheck


Brittney Fucheck was born in Miami and now resides in Orlando, Florida. She acquired a Master of Fine Arts at the University of Central Florida in Spring 2023, right after acquiring her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2019 at the same university. She visually explores her relationship with death after the breast cancer diagnosis, and recovery, of her mother during her childhood. Interested in exploring the symbolism of material, her artwork evolves and develops with the introduction of something new that sparks her interest. Her multimedia practice includes printmaking, painting, drawing, ceremonial animal burials, sculptures, photography, projections, and audio recordings.

During her time as a graduate, she received the Provost Fellowship award and the Pabst Steinmetz grant to fulfill a Healing Arts Specialist position at Orlando Health. Still in this position, she brings creative projects to cancer patients during bedside and workshop settings. Her commitment to using art as a tool gifts her the opportunity to help patients reconnect with themselves and anticipate moments of joy while navigating the uncertainties of their diagnosis.

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