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Ann Adams


I've studied color and form and energy my whole life. But, I formally studied fine art at:

  • University of Minnesota
  • Scottsdale School of Art
  • Study Abroad

Artist Statement

Right brained? Left brained? Or NO brained?

At any given time in my art process I identify with one! I love art! I have been drawn to color and form since I was young. I think what really hooked me, is that art intensely engages my “left” and “right” brain. It’s both very challenging and meditative for me.

My paintings have layers and layers of paint which gives them their depth and interest. I know that in my beginning stages, I can be free and let go. My “right brain” has SO much fun! Even though I’m painting freely this first stage, I do have an idea of what colors I want to dominate at the end of this process.

Then my serious analytical “left brain” takes over. It’s like a puzzle! At this stage I not only work to make sure my colors harmonize, but also that my composition is strong. I use different sizes of shapes, and color to draw the viewer in and hold their attention. At least that is my goal. This stage is sort of intense for me. If I don’t see my painting shaping up … I analyze and reanalyze. If I make a couple changes and if still doesn't work, then I might walk away for a bit. Believe me, I can leave my studio quite frustrated.

But the challenge of making it all come together, is what I love. And the satisfaction I get when a buyer loves a painting, is just the best!!

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