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Adams, Ronald Harry

Artist Bio

Fine Art, Painting BA (Hons) at Norwich School of Art, ATD at Leicester University, and MPhil (Art and education) – University of Bath. Lectured in Fine Art at Salisbury College of Art and later taught at King Edward’s School Southampton.

Artist Statement:

For a number of years, I lived and painted in Porto Rafti, near Athens in Greece. More recently, I have lived, worked, and set up my studio in Bath, England. I have paintings and drawings in collections in Greece, Switzerland, USA, Israel, and the UK. I am not really tied to notions such as ‘Realist’ nor ‘Abstract’; rather, I have an eclectic approach to the visual world. I love painting and try to explore what I think about the way the world is today; visually, socially, emotionally, and politically. There are two parts to my artistic personality: direct emotional responses and more considered and thought-out approaches. I just find a kind of visual poetry in the banalities and everyday aspects of life, whether it is in the varied surfaces of concrete buildings in Greece, the way light rakes across streets in Bath, the brilliant autumn colors of our native landscape, the isolation and poignancy of people, or the simple facets, reflections, and shadows of plates, cups, and saucers.