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Article: Vladimir Volosov: A Renaissance of Artistic Expression at Apricus Art Collection

Vladimir Volosov: A Renaissance of Artistic Expression at Apricus Art Collection

Apricus Art Collection is proud to present the works of Vladimir Volosov, an extraordinary artist whose life journey embodies a profound transformation from a celebrated scientific career to a passionate pursuit of art. Born in 1937 in St. Petersburg, Volosov's story is one of multiple lifetimes lived within one, marked by significant achievements in both science and art.

A Distinguished Scientific Career

Before embracing the world of art, Vladimir Volosov had a prestigious career in science, achieving the status of Doctor of Science, Professor, and winner of the State Prize. He is the author of more than 100 scientific articles, marking significant contributions to his field. His decision to leave this successful path to pursue art was inspired by a deep-seated desire to explore his creative potential beyond the empirical world of science.

Embracing Art in the Prime of Life

As he approached his fifties, Vladimir felt a compelling need to start anew, choosing to live "one more life" as a free artist. This bold decision was driven by an allure to the expressive and boundless nature of painting, a stark contrast to the structured world of scientific research. The transition highlights his belief in the possibility of reinvention and the pursuit of passion, regardless of age or past achievements.

Artistic Philosophy and Style

Vladimir Volosov's paintings are characterized by a vivid exploration of color and form, reflecting both the precision of his scientific background and the emotional depth of his personal experiences. His works often depict landscapes and abstract forms, each piece inviting viewers to a visual dialogue that bridges the rational and the imaginative.

The press has noted that "one can find, though rarely, people for whom to live one life is not enough. And they manage to live several lives within the same God-given amount of time…" This statement resonates deeply with Volosov's journey, as he continues to explore new dimensions of life through his art.

Vladimir Volosov at Apricus Art Collection

At Apricus Art Collection, we invite you to explore the compelling and richly layered paintings of Vladimir Volosov. His work offers not just aesthetic pleasure but also narratives of resilience, transformation, and the unending quest for knowledge and beauty.

Discover the unique world of Vladimir Volosov, where science and art converge in a symphony of colors and emotions. Visit Apricus Art Collection today to view his works and perhaps find inspiration in his dedication to continual growth and exploration.

As always, Apricus Art Collection offers free shipping globally, allowing art lovers around the world to enjoy the extraordinary creations of Vladimir Volosov. Whether you are drawn to his vibrant landscapes or intrigued by his abstract explorations, each painting promises a glimpse into the soul of an artist who has not just lived one, but several inspiring lives.

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