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Article: Susanne Maier zu Eissen-Rau: A Tapestry of Visual Exploration

Susanne Maier zu Eissen-Rau: A Tapestry of Visual Exploration

In the lush landscape of contemporary art, Susanne Maier zu Eissen-Rau distinguishes herself not only through her dynamic approach to painting but also by her commitment to fostering cultural spaces. Her career, deeply rooted in both personal and communal experiences, reflects a journey of visual discovery and artistic expression.

Embracing the Spectrum of Art

Susanne’s approach to her craft is exploratory, transcending traditional boundaries by integrating a multitude of painting techniques. Her work is characterized by a fearless experimentation with these methods, which she often combines to create complex, textured compositions. This adventurous spirit in her artistry allows her to construct series or sequences that delve deeply into specific subjects.

Each series she develops is inspired by her surroundings and personal experiences. Whether it's a fleeting emotion, a striking landscape, or a significant event, Susanne transforms these impressions into vivid visual narratives. Her paintings, therefore, are not just displays of aesthetic prowess but are imbued with personal significance and emotional depth.

A Journey through Art and Education

Susanne’s artistic journey began at the prestigious Academy of Arts in Münster, Germany, where she honed her skills and developed her distinctive style. Since 1990, she has been actively engaged in running her studio and participating in exhibitions, dedicating over three decades to her craft and its advancement.

Currently residing and working in Wuppertal, Susanne continues to impact the local art scene. As a co-founder of the Kunstraum Eckart, she plays a crucial role in creating a nurturing environment for art and culture. This space is not just a venue for exhibitions but a vibrant cultural hub that encourages dialogue, exploration, and the sharing of ideas among artists and the community.

A Confluence of Techniques and Themes

In her studio, Susanne is a perpetual innovator. Her paintings are the result of layered techniques and thematic exploration. From using traditional brushes to experimenting with unconventional materials, each choice she makes in her artistic process is aimed at enhancing the depth and complexity of her work. This commitment to experimentation makes each piece uniquely compelling, inviting viewers to a visual feast that challenges their perceptions and engages their emotions.

The Artist as a Cultural Catalyst

Beyond her personal achievements, Susanne’s contributions to the arts extend into her community involvement. Through Kunstraum Eckart, she has established a platform that supports and showcases diverse artistic talents. This engagement not only enriches her own artistic practice but also strengthens the cultural fabric of her city.


Susanne Maier zu Eissen-Rau is more than just an artist; she is a pivotal figure in her community and a vibrant force in the art world. Her work encapsulates a deep connection to her experiences and surroundings, conveyed through a rich tapestry of techniques and themes. As she continues to explore and experiment, her contributions remain invaluable, not only in her creations but also in her efforts to elevate and celebrate the arts within society.

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