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Article: Piper Lewine: From Bay Area Graffiti to Fine Art Fantasies

Piper Lewine: From Bay Area Graffiti to Fine Art Fantasies

Piper Lewine, born in 1980, is a self-taught multimedia artist whose creative roots are deeply embedded in the colorful and rebellious streets of San Francisco’s graffiti scene. Now, she is rapidly carving a niche for herself in the broader realm of fine arts, blending traditional folk elements with a vivid contemporary flair.

A Diverse Artistic Palette

Emerging from the dynamic world of Bay Area graffiti, Piper has seamlessly transitioned into the realm of fine arts without losing the vibrancy and spontaneity that characterized her early work. Her artistic repertoire is expansive, encompassing a variety of mediums including acrylics, oils, watercolors, embroidery, pastels, and more. Piper’s adaptability and willingness to experiment with different materials reflect her inventive spirit and commitment to growth as an artist.

Art on Anything and Everything

One of the most distinctive aspects of Piper’s art is her use of unconventional canvases. Whether it’s metal sheets, wood planks, glass panes, or simple paper, her choice of substrate is as diverse as her medium. This penchant for found objects not only adds a unique textural quality to her work but also speaks to her eco-conscious approach, giving new life and meaning to otherwise discarded materials.

Playful Imagery with a Whimsical Twist

Piper’s works are instantly recognizable by their graphic and playful characters that seem to dance across whatever surface they inhabit. These characters exude a whimsical charm, drawing viewers into a fantastical, imaginative world crafted by Piper’s deft hands. This whimsy is a signature of her style, making her art not only visually appealing but also emotionally resonant.

Expanding Horizons

Recently, Piper has begun exploring the traditional art of stained glass, which allows her to play with light as a literal and figurative medium for artistic expression. This foray into stained glass continues her trend of pushing the boundaries of her artistic practice, exploring how light can be manipulated to add a new dimension to her already dynamic compositions.

Noteworthy Exhibitions and Collaborations

Piper’s work has been showcased in several notable exhibitions, including solo shows like "A Vulnerable Place" and "Moonshine" at Adobe Books Collective and Ginger Rubio in San Francisco. She has also participated in influential group shows, such as "Alicia McCarthy & Friends" at V1 Gallery in Denmark. Her residency at The Growlery Gallery in San Francisco culminated in significant solo exhibitions, "Piper Pages" and "Unhappy Little Trees," which further solidified her presence in the art community.

In addition to her gallery shows, Piper has been featured in Juxtapoz magazine and has collaborated with brands like Element Skateboards, creating a capsule that blends her streetwise aesthetic with their urban products.


Piper Lewine continues to thrive and evolve, exploring new mediums and techniques while staying true to her roots in the world of graffiti. Her journey from street art to fine art is not just a tale of personal growth but a vibrant narrative of how traditional and contemporary styles can merge to create something truly magical. Piper’s work remains a beacon of creativity and innovation in the San Francisco art scene and beyond, inviting art lovers to explore the joyful, colorful world she creates.

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