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Article: Parastoo Ahovan: Sculpting Intersections of Culture and Innovation

Parastoo Ahovan: Sculpting Intersections of Culture and Innovation

Parastoo Ahovan, an interdisciplinary artist based in New York City, weaves a rich tapestry of media and materials into her expansive body of work. Her international education and diverse practice highlight a commitment to exploring cultural dialogues and pushing the boundaries of traditional art forms.

Educational Foundation and Artistic Growth

Parastoo embarked on her formal education in the arts as an MFA candidate at Pratt Institute during 2011-2012, before completing her Master of Fine Arts at Boston University in 2014. These formative years were crucial in shaping her multidisciplinary approach, which encompasses sculpture, installation, mixed media, video, and performance.

A Global Canvas

Ahovan's work has resonated across continents, with exhibitions in prestigious venues from the Museo del Ojo in Cordoba, Argentina, to the National Pavilion of Iran at the 56th Venice Biennial in Italy. Her art has graced the EUNAM Museum in Gwangju, South Korea, and reached audiences in European capitals such as Paris and Venice, as well as significant cultural gatherings like the Mykonos Biennial in Greece and the International Biennial Art Olympia in Tokyo, Japan.

Diverse Mediums, Unified Vision

Parastoo’s artistic practice is distinguished by her versatile use of materials and her ability to integrate various forms of media. Whether through the permanence of sculpture or the transient nature of performance, her work engages with themes of identity, memory, and the human condition. This versatility not only showcases her technical skills but also her deep understanding of how different materials can convey complex messages and emotions.

Urban Installations and Cultural Contributions

Significantly, Parastoo's sculptures are not confined to gallery spaces. Many of her works are installed in urban settings across the globe, from Iran to Spain, and the USA to China. These public installations contribute to the cultural landscapes of these cities, bringing art into everyday life and making it accessible to a broader audience. Her sculptures in public spaces serve as cultural landmarks that enhance the aesthetic and intellectual fabric of their surroundings.

Notable Exhibitions and Symposia

Among her many international engagements, Parastoo has participated in various renowned art symposia, including the International Sculpture Symposium in Nashua, New Hampshire, and the International Sculpture Festival in Changsha, China. These events not only allowed her to showcase her art but also to engage with other artists and audiences in collaborative and educational settings.

Recognition and Impact

Parastoo Ahovan's contributions to the art world have been acknowledged through her participation in prestigious events such as the Magic of Persia contemporary art prize in London, UK. Her works are part of an ongoing dialogue about the role of modern sculpture in contemporary art, challenging perceptions and inviting contemplation.


Parastoo Ahovan stands out as a dynamic force in contemporary art, her works serving as bridges between diverse cultures and artistic disciplines. Through her sculptures and installations, Parastoo continues to challenge, delight, and inspire audiences around the world, reinforcing the idea that art is not only a form of personal expression but also a medium for public engagement and cultural exchange. As she continues her artistic journey, her impact on both local and international art communities is sure to expand, bringing more of her visionary work into the public and critical spotlight.

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