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Article: Nina Åkerlund: A Canvas of Emotions and Abstract Explorations

Nina Åkerlund: A Canvas of Emotions and Abstract Explorations

Nina Åkerlund, a self-taught artist from Sweden, has woven a decade of painting into a deeply personal journey of expression and discovery. Over the past five years, her commitment to abstract art has evolved, creating a vibrant dialogue between her inner world and her audience.

The Power of Perception in Abstract Art

Nina finds joy in the subjective nature of abstract art; she cherishes how different viewers see different images in her work—a flower to one person might appear as a wine glass to another. This interaction highlights the unique relationship between artist and viewer, making each piece a collaborative exploration of perception and imagination. Nina's appreciation for these varied interpretations reflects her belief in art's ability to connect people through shared yet distinct experiences.

Inspired by Emotion

Drawing inspiration from her emotions, Nina's creative process is deeply introspective. Her artwork serves as a canvas for her feelings, which are influenced by both her personal experiences and her professional life in intense medical environments, such as the NICU and previously in ICU. These experiences have shaped her artistic expression, allowing her to channel complex emotions into her paintings, transforming them into sources of joy and inner peace.

A Dynamic and Reflective Process

Nina describes her approach to painting as an evolving process. She often begins with a clear idea, but the final piece frequently diverges from her initial vision, reflecting the dynamic and sometimes unpredictable nature of creativity. Her process includes playful experimentation with forms and colors, but it can also involve struggle and contemplation, sometimes taking days or weeks to resolve a single painting to her satisfaction.

To refine her vision, Nina occasionally steps back from her work, viewing it from different perspectives, even converting images to black and white to better understand the composition and missing elements. This methodical yet flexible approach is a testament to her dedication to the craft and her willingness to embrace the challenges that come with it.

Connecting with Others Through Art

Nina's ultimate goal is to touch people's souls with her paintings. By infusing her artwork with her personal feelings, she hopes to create a resonant emotional experience for the viewer. This connection through art is not just about sharing her vision but also about inviting others to find their own feelings and interpretations within her work.


Nina Åkerlund's journey in abstract art is a beautiful blend of personal reflection, emotional depth, and artistic exploration. Her work invites viewers into a world where each canvas is a dialogue of colors and forms, offering a window into her soul and a mirror reflecting their own experiences. As she continues to evolve and share her passion, Nina's art remains a powerful reminder of the transformative possibilities of embracing creativity in everyday life.

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