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Article: Embracing Art Later in Life: The Inspiring Journey of a Self-Taught Artist at Apricus Art Collection

Embracing Art Later in Life: The Inspiring Journey of a Self-Taught Artist at Apricus Art Collection

At Apricus Art Collection, we are dedicated to showcasing a diverse array of artistic talents, and it is with great pleasure that we introduce an artist whose journey to painting later in life is as compelling as the art they create. This artist’s story is a powerful testament to the idea that it is never too late to pursue your passion, and that art can emerge as a savior during life's unexpected challenges.

A Late Return to Art

The artist's journey into the world of art began in their youth with a life drawing class taken as a college elective. However, it wasn’t until many years later, and several brief attempts at rekindling this early interest, that art would take a central role in their life. After a 25-year hiatus and a career that took precedence over artistic pursuits, a chronic back condition in late 2020 forced them into a period of immobility. It was during this time that the artist reached for their long-abandoned pencil box, not out of choice but necessity, and reconnected with their artistic self. This pivotal moment marked a new beginning.

A Flourishing Artistic Practice

From the confines of recuperation emerged a flourishing practice as the artist began to explore painting, something they had long aspired to try. Nearly three years later, they have completed almost seventy paintings, exploring various subjects from still lifes to portraits using acrylic on hardboard panels. This period of prolific creativity has been a profound exploration of form, color, and expression.

Developing a Distinctive Style

Despite the artist describing their work as primitive and naïve, it has been noted for its unique and distinctive style—a label the artist finds both flattering and mystifying. This uncertainty about their style speaks to a common artist’s quandary: the difficulty of defining one’s artistic identity. Yet, it is this very journey of discovery and experimentation that enriches their work and engages viewers.

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