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Sale price$5,900.00 USD
Gallery Name: Espozone Art Gallery
Artist: Ihor Soloviov
Dimension: 39.4'' x 39.4'' x 2''
Certification of Authenticity: Apricus Art Collection
Signature: Signed by Artist



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"Great art not only saves the world but also endures, becoming a timeless testament to its own greatness."

Ihor Soloviov, a sculptor from Ukraine, has showcased his creations in national exhibitions. His artistic style draws inspiration from polychrome sculpture and the realm of optical abstract art. Soloviov's pieces often feature rhythmic repetitions, a nuanced color gradient, and elements of geometric minimalism. He primarily utilizes wood as the central material across most of his sculptures.


Espozone is a thriving hub where art not only comes to life but also resonates deeply with art enthusiasts globally. Based in Ukraine, Espozone represents a dynamic community of Ukrainian artists. This community is dedicated to celebrating creativity and forging connections between artists and those who deeply appreciate their work. Espozone takes great pride in showcasing a group of Ukrainian modern artists. These artists are at the forefront of creating distinctive and enthralling contemporary art. Their creations embody a variety of styles and themes, bringing fresh and innovative perspectives that can significantly enhance any gallery's collection. A remarkable aspect of this community is their contemporary art crafted from wood. This choice of medium showcases their commitment to innovation and modern artistic expression. These Ukrainian artists predominantly use wood, crafting unique artworks that merge traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design principles. The artworks they produce are characterized by their organic shapes, meticulous detailing, and the exploration of the textures inherent to wood. The artists create an array of sculptures, installations, and mixed-media pieces, consistently challenging the limits of traditional woodworking. In doing so, they introduce a modern aesthetic to this age-old craft, offering art pieces that are both timeless and avant-garde.